Consulting Solutions

At Planned Giving Solutions Inc., it is our mandate to provide you with the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to your planned giving fundraising challenges.


By utilizing Planned Giving Solutions Inc. consulting services, you will be able to confidently address obstacles such as:
  • Time constraints
  • Resource constraints
  • Specialized knowledge gaps
  • Program startup concerns
  • Cost-effective marketing tools
  • Efficient administrative tools
  • Engaging, educating, and inspiring prospects and donors
  • Generating planned giving expectancies and revenue
At Planned Giving Solutions Inc. our solutions are based on the following foundation:


First and foremost, we are ‘partners’. You will always know what we are implementing and see how we are adding value to your organization and your bottom line. As we develop your long-term fundraising strategies as a framework, we will create and implement them in a manner consistent with achieving your fundraising goals and objectives.


Our first step is to obtain a thorough understanding of your particular organization’s needs, aspirations and fundraising objectives. This is an exciting process that reinvigorates your team (staff and volunteers alike) and inspires us to fulfill your organization’s vision for the future.


Creation is fun, however it is during the implementation process where discipline and focus come together to get results. We implement dynamic planned giving programs within a disciplined set of processes and practices, combining the art of human behaviors and donor needs with the wisdom of years of experience and financial knowledge.

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